The TCD platform was initiated in December 2012 as a collaboration between cultural workers, independent researchers, activists and artists coming from different countries of the Mediterranean region. For the team members of DJART’14 and El Medreb, see the dedicated project pages. The founding members were:

ANASS HEDDAN, vice president of Association des anciens étudiants du lycée Abdelkrim el Khattabi, based in Tifflet, Morocco / LINKEDIN profile

ANNALISA CANNITO, conceptual artist and independent researcher based in Rome, Italy, representing Teatro Valle Occupato (2012)

➤➤➤ Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome, Italy: The Teatro Valle is the Rome’s oldest theater which on the 14th June 2011 was occupied from a wide group of protestors. Workers in film production, theater, dance, technicians, operators, employers, precarious and intermittent, for several months waged a direct and self-organized fight for their rights and against the cuts of public financing in culture.

BOUCHRA SAAB, civil society movement on assessing and developing the curriculum of Civic Education, based in Beirut, Lebanon

CHRYSANTHI KOUMIANAKI, visual artist from Athens, Greece, representing 3 137 Artist Run Space Athens.

➤➤➤ 3 137 Artist Run Space Athens, Greece: 3 137 is an artist run space in Athens founded by three Greek artists. The space is used as a studio and opens its doors 3 to 4 times per year to organize exhibitions and events such as artist talks, presentations and performances. 3 137 is a meeting point for creativity and collaboration. An independent initiative that promotes artistic practices and supports experimental ways of art production, curatorship and presentation.

KHALED BOUZIDI, founder and Curator of TEDxCasbah, based in Ankara/Algiers, Algeria

KHAOULA BESSAME, creative team manager TEDx Casbah, based in Algiers, Algeria

SEHNAZ GUNERI, art historian-curator, based in Istanbul, Turkey

SLAVICA ILIESKA, researcher of Euro-Mediterranean relations, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands  Personal Blog

SONJA A. LINKE, cultural manager, based in Berlin, Germany   Personal Blog  /   LINKEDIN profile

SRĐAN TUNIĆ, art historian and curator, representing Civil Association ARTIKAL, Belgrade, Serbia.   /

➤➤➤ Civil association ARTIKAL, Belgrade, Serbia: ARTIKAL is an association devoted to curating and promoting contemporary and free artistic expression.

VICTOR DE LAS HERAS, art historian and cultural mediator from Madrid, Spain, representing Generación Espontánea.  LinkdeIn profile

➤➤➤ Generación Espontánea, Alcobendas, Spain: Generación Espontánea is a cultural platform which aim is to show the
work of local artists, writers, sketchers, etc by editing a periodical publication, conferences,
concerts, etc.

XAVIER DE LUCA, art historian and curator, Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies, Barcelona/Tunis representing Jiser.

➤➤➤ Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies, Barcelona, Spain / Tunisia: Jiser is an association created in 2005 by a group of young people from Spain and Tunisia, who share common ideals and common values and who intend to contribute to the transformation of the social realities they live in, through art and research. The association aims to promote mobility, dialogue and cultural production and dissemination in the Mediterranean.